Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I'm delighted to be taking part in the "Justin Thyme" Bookmark Competition. My two bookmarks arrived yesterday, (along with three deliciously ripe bananas). If you'd like one (a bookmark, that is, not a banana ... they're all mine, mine, MINE), simply leave a comment answering this question: What kind of animal am I? (Hint: anyone who says I'm a monkey will be sent a bucket of sour grapes, rotten tomatoes and bitter lemons!)

Now, the real competition ... (you can win signed/doodled copies of "Justin Thyme" and "Thyme Running Out"). Here's how; it's quite simple, even for a human ...

It's like a sort of "Scavenger Hunt" where you collect clues at different book-blogs. The clues you need are the numbers and letters on the bookmarks (click the photo above to enlarge it, the numbers and letters are in the little clan badge). Once you've found them all (there are links to the participating blogs at the Tartan of Thyme Blog), you simply rearrange the letters in numerical order ... and the message you get is the answer to the competition. Email your answer to panamaoxridge (at) btinternet (dot) com.

The competition closes on September 7th, so you've got all week to find the letters/numbers and then decode the message. Have fun ... and if you get hungry, remember to eat a banana!


There's not a word of truth in it ... honestly!

When I saw the title of chapter 9 in "Thyme Running Out" I was downright discombobulated. Clearly, there has been a terrible mistake at the printers. I'm certain it should read: "Eliza EATS Bananas".

Thursday, 25 August 2011

When is a Bunch not a Bunch?

When did you last buy a bunch of bananas?
Answer: probably never! Why?

Ten or more connected bananas are known as a HAND - whereas the typical little "bunch" you might buy in a supermarket is actually called a CLUSTER.

A BUNCH of bananas is, in fact, the correct term for the entire crop of a single banana plant. Each BUNCH may contain as many as fifteen hands (between 150 - 300 bananas), and weigh more than your average teenager!