Friday, 2 July 2010

Bananas - Delicious but Deadly!

Delicious but deadly! That’s bananas for you. Statistics prove it: More people are killed each year by slipping on a banana skin than from shark attacks and ingrown toenails combined!

Here are the top ten places you should absolutely NEVER drop your banana skin!

1) At the top of a flight of stairs.
2) Outside a store selling crystal goblets.
3) At the exit of a maternity ward.
4) On the rim of an active volcano.
5) Ahead of two men carrying a piano.
6) Beside an open sewer in a heat wave.
7) In front of a pyramid of monkeys on a unicycle.
8) Two steps ahead of an enormously fat woman walking a very tiny poodle.
9) Near to an open grave.
10) Behind someone who has just built a model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa entirely out of matchsticks.

Okay, I know they’re biodegradable, but remember ... a good gorilla always disposes of their banana skins safely.

*Picture courtesy of the Washington Banana Museum.

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