Saturday, 25 September 2010

Famous Bananaphile #1 - Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was born in St Louis Missouri on June 3rd 1906. From humble beginnings she rocketed to stardom during the mid 1920’s when she captivated all Paris by dancing the Charleston dressed in nothing but a skirt made of bananas!

Clearly a bananaphile, she had a pet chimpanzee called Ethel, and a pet leopard called Chiquita! With the fortune she earned by dancing, she later bought a chateau in Dordogne where she adopted twelve children of different races and creeds.

Rumour has it that during the height of her fame, she received close to 1,500 marriage proposals! So, if you want to attract the gentlemen, a banana-skirt might be a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe … just don’t wear it near any gorillas!

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  1. I see you are working overtime, Eliza.

    I did ask my wife if she would wear a banana bikini but she claims that yellow isn't her colour.

    While you are doing all your banana research, could you look into that old myth about early policemen eating so many bananas that they became known as Peelers?