Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bananas at Wimbledon!
Have you ever seen tennis players munching bananas between games? It isn’t because they forgot their lunch – no, it’s because they know that bananas are the greatest energy providers ever.

While spectators may prefer the traditional strawberries and cream – during the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, around 800 bananas are eaten by competitors each day.
Tim Henman and Jennifer Capriati munching their bananas.


  1. I remember Martina Navratilova used to break her banana into little chunks and then pop them in her mouth one by one. I can only assume it was to avoid the potential of having a somewhat silly photo taken.

  2. Yes, we each have our own unique method of savouring this delicious fruit. Interestingly, not only do gorillas, chimps and humans all eat their bananas differently ... we even peel them differently!